Our 40 Day Challenge

Are you ready for “Our 40 Day Challenge?” That’s our Lenten theme this year and it focuses on the challenges contained in the Scriptures for this season. During the first five Sundays of Lent we’re going to reflect on Jesus’ temptations, His transfiguration, His encounter with the woman at the well, His healing of a blind man and finally His raising of Lazarus from the dead. We’ve summarized these Gospel passages as the challenges of temptation, change, emptiness, darkness and death. As we’ll see, difficult times become moments of grace. The Lenten journey of 40 days with its emphasis on prayer, fasting and almsgiving should help us to draw closer to Christ, grow in our faith, and live more joyously as His disciples. Our union with Jesus will give us hope and strength as we face the challenges of life.

Week 1: The Challenge of Temptation
Fr. Stan’s homily – March 5, 2017

Challenge: Identify an ongoing temptation, pray several minutes about it, and write one action that will help you overcome it

Week 2: The Challenge of Change
Fr. Stan’s homily – March 12, 2017

Challenge: Identify how someone has helped you through a significant change, and try to do the same for someone else.

Week 3: The Challenge of Emptiness
Fr. Stan’s homily – March 19, 2017

Challenge:  Fill someone’s bucket this week, (and notice how your own bucket fills up as well)

Week 4: The Challenge of Darkness

Week 5: The Challenge of Death