Fr. Stan’s Article

Welcome spring! I don’t know if it’s going to come in this week like a lamb or a lion but I do know I’ll be happy to say good-bye to winter and especially pot-holes. Spring speaks of new life and that’s also the message of Lent and Easter. We’ve been invited to “Come to the Water” to be cleansed and refreshed. More than that, the waters of Baptism join us to Jesus and His Church which give us new life in His Spirit. We glimpse our rising from the dead in order to live with and in Christ forever.

Today’s scripture reading from the prophet Ezekiel shows us the power of God to breathe new life into dead bones and his desire to bring us out of captivity into His promised land. God affirms that He will keep His promises. The Gospel story of Lazarus reveals that Jesus has power over death and commands us to remove anything that keeps us bound up in dark tombs. The story also shows Jesus’ love for us. He weeps for Lazarus and all of us. God’s plan for us is life and not death. Martha, Lazarus’ sister, proclaims her faith in Jesus as the Lord and Messiah who is the resurrection and the life. Our prayer, fasting and charity during Lent should aid us in coming to that same declaration.

There are personal and cultural tombs, devoid of life, that hold each of us. Sins, addictions, fears, handicaps, failures, and needs can all bind us up so that peace and joy seem hopelessly out of reach. Jesus’ way of the cross often feels like the path of life that we’re on. However along the way there are those who comfort us, assist us, or just stand by us in order to remind us that we are never alone and that there is mercy, forgiveness and hope. God has the power to raise us up just as He raised Jesus from the dead. Our destiny is to live. Let us comfort someone this week in their grief.

Next Sunday is Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week. There is still time to make Lenten sacrifices and prepare for the celebration of new life at Easter. Join the round table discussion today after the 11:00 Mass on racism. Pick up an envelope or rice bowl to support CRS (Catholic Relief Services).  Become a greeter, usher or member of our funeral ministry team. Be reconciled with God or a member of your family. God’s Spirit is inviting you to make this the best Lent ever.

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Lenten peace and joy,

Fr. Stan