Fr. Stan’s Article

If anyone taught me the connection between Eucharist and daily life it was my mom. Whenever my sister and I would get into an argument or fight about something, my mom would step in with the question: “Didn’t I see you at Mass this morning? Didn’t you receive communion?”  Mom had it right; faith and action have to go together.

In today’s scripture readings we hear the testimonies of St. Peter, St. Paul and the disciples on the road to Emmaus following the death and resurrection of Jesus. St. Peter explains Jesus to his listeners in light of the Old Testament prophecies and promises. He shows how Jesus is the Lord and Messiah who was foretold long ago. St. Paul speaks of God’s love and mercy revealed in Jesus the anointed one and our responsibility to respond and act having experienced it. Finally the disciples on the road away from Jerusalem to Emmaus encounter a stranger who explains to them the meaning of Jesus’ suffering, death and resurrection in the Scriptures and reveals Himself in the breaking of the bread as Jesus. These wonderful Easter stories are meant to help us understand the meaning of this Easter season and why there is a connection between worshipping and living lives of joyful missionary discipleship.

As our children receive First Holy Communion beginning this weekend, I hope that we would take time to reflect on our own participation in the Eucharist. With so many disappointments and concerns in our lives, we need a weekly encounter with Jesus to understand God’s presence and love for us. Hearing the scriptures proclaimed and sharing in the Body and Blood of Jesus in Church will help us to recognize the varied ways that Jesus reveals himself to us in the ordinary circumstances of our daily lives. That experience in turn will fill us with His peace and joy.

Our last Parish Council meeting took place last Saturday on Earth Day and the members of the Council were asked to consider ways that our parish could be more “green.” Over the years we’ve undertaking projects of recycling and energy conservation as ways of implementing Catholic Social teaching and the Pope’s call for us to care for our planet. Our faith makes a claim on us to be good stewards of the many blessings that are ours. That includes being grateful, preventing waste, recycling and repurposing, sharing our abundance, and ordering our lives in such a way as to remain focused both on spiritual as well as material needs. One of the suggestions made at the meeting included using real cups, silverware and plates for parish events. Thanks to the volunteers cleaning up John R Rd this weekend.

We bid farewell to intern Deacon Chris Piotrowski today. He will be graduated from the SS. Cyril and Methodius Seminary next Saturday and will leave for Venice, Florida to await his ordination in June. We certainly enjoyed his presence and wish him well in his future ministry. Pray for vocations and encourage young people to explore God’s calls to them.

Easter peace and joy,

Fr. Stan