Fr. Stan’s Article

Popular wisdom warns us not to judge a book by its cover. Today’s scripture readings for this fourth Sunday of Lent abound with examples of people failing to head this advice. Samuel gets it wrong with regard to David; Jesus’ disciples and the people get it wrong with regard to the blind man; and the Pharisees get it wrong with regard to Jesus. All of them are unable to see beyond their made up minds. You begin to wonder who is really blind.

No one wants to be left in the dark. Light is a sign of knowing the answer, finding the truth, taking the right path. The comedic light bulb signals that someone finally gets it. The miraculous story of Jesus giving sight to the blind man is a story about victory over darkness, the darkness of our physical and spiritual limitations. The man born blind not only receives physical sight but also the grace of encountering Jesus the Messiah. Through gradual steps he is able to make a declaration of faith. Believing is seeing in a totally new way.

The 40 Day Lenten Challenge for this week is to see someone we don’t like as Jesus sees them; to overcome with God’s grace the darkness of sin, bias and prejudice; to recognize goodness and truth. The fruits of this new sight will be mercy and compassion for every individual. People who see as God sees will be ready to forgive and seek forgiveness. God’s sight opens our eyes to see others in a new light that frees us to love and serve them.

Our Catholic Services Appeal for 2017 will begin right after Easter. Thank you to all who generously supported the 2016 drive. Since we met our diocesan goal, everything that was received above that amount will be returned to the parish and used toward acquiring a digital LED parish sign. This is also the project that will benefit from this year’s overage. Your support will make a difference in our Archdiocese and right here in our own parish. I’d like to thank Nick Pfeffer and Jim Campbell for once again volunteering to co-chair this year’s CSA campaign.

Lenten peace and joy,

Fr. Stan