Fr. Stan’s Article

Life often seems cruel. You want to celebrate something important in your life; so you invite friends (?) to a party and they don’t show up. How sad! Today’s Gospel parable illustrates Jesus’ rejection by the leaders of his time and the failure of many people to respond to the king’s wedding feast invitation. Are God’s invitations to be part of His kingdom (banquet) being rejected today? Are people showing up at the wedding without the proper garments? Unfortunately they are. In reading Matthew’s Gospel further we come upon the last judgment scene where we discover what the wedding garment should have looked like: care and love for those around us and in need of us. Faith expressed in good works is a requisite for entrance into the wedding feast. How many invitations do we need?

Thank you to all who have responded thus far to our sharing of treasure appeal. An appeal for your time and talent will follow in November. The increases that have been pledged to date will help us to remain a strong community of Jesus’ disciples intent on spreading the Gospel and serving the spiritual and material needs of our brothers and sisters in the Lord. If you have not returned your commitment card, please do so this week so that we can include your sacrificial offering in the total results as we wind down this campaign. I can give you a money-back guarantee that once you embrace a life of faithful stewardship your life will not be the same. Your life will be marked by gratitude and generosity with less worry because you will have recognized your blessings, shared them with others and put your trust in God. No kidding, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

I want to thank the members of our Finance Council and Building Committee for all their work in overseeing our finances and the maintenance of our grounds and buildings. We received an approval of our 2016-2017 financial statement from the Archdiocese with just one minor bookkeeping change. A full report will be found in the parish directory which will be mailed shortly to all of our registered parishioners.

We are planning for two major repairs in the near future, namely repairs to our roof and to the parking lot. While we have been patching both, they are coming to the end of their service life. However, there are two other costly repairs that have suddenly presented themselves as necessary. One is the replacement of our baptismal font at a cost of about $50,000. The present baptismal font is leaking and the stone is deteriorating. At this time we have two large donations toward a new baptismal font and we will be seeking further donations as part of our Christmas appeal. The other major repair is to our organ. Since the damage to the organ has not yet fully been appraised we don’t have an estimate of the repair cost at this time. I will share this information with you as soon as it is available.

Next Sunday (October 22) following the 11:00 AM Mass, we will hold a welcome lunch and orientation for newly registered members of our parish. Invitations have been sent out and we hope you and your families will join us.

Peace and joy,

Fr. Stan