Fr. Stan’s Article

Storms and power failures seem to be closely related. Fortunately, so far this summer we’ve only had a few. But it does get scary when the wind is gusting, the rain is pounding and you’re sitting in the dark. Imagine facing a storm on open water in a small boat and seeing a rotating funnel cloud. That will certainly get your adrenaline flowing.

Having had such an experience I can feel for the disciples in today’s Gospel reading. Even hardened fisherman can fear for their lives when the elements are against them. Jesus comes to their rescue in the midst of the storm, assures them of his presence, and invites them not to be afraid. He calms both their hearts and the storm. How many of us need and pray for that same kind of deliverance? The storms of life batter us around and leave us quaking in the dark. We too cry out to the Lord to save us. We are encouraged by the Church to have faith and not lose hope because Jesus is with us and for us. Pope St. John Paul II began his long pontificate with the same words Jesus addressed to the disciples, “be not afraid.”  Let us encourage one another to have faith in our Lord, be His heralds of hope as we help each other, and witness to a power greater than any in heaven or on earth.

We welcome our guests from South Oakland Shelter who are staying with us this week while they strive to have a place of their own. Thanks to all who participate in this our largest outreach effort of the year. We desire to make our guests feel comfortable and to assist them in achieving their goals through the SOS program. Let us also take time to pray for the peace of mind and heart that the Lord desires all of us to possess.

Tuesday is the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a holy day of obligation. There will be a Vigil Mass on Monday in Church at 7:00 PM and on Tuesday morning at 9:00 AM. We honor Mary for her role as the mother of Jesus and pray for her intercession on our behalf. As the first disciple of Jesus, she points to her Son as the path to the fullness of life on earth and in eternity.

Please welcome to St. Mary’s Lisa Larson, our new volunteer and marriage enrichment coordinator. She takes over the role that Laura Corrion filled.  Laura is now our new bulletin editor and office assistant.  Both ladies desire to be of service to our parish so that we can together become joyful missionary disciples of Jesus.

Peace and joy,

Fr. Stan