Best Lent Ever: Use your Christmas gift from St. Mary’s!

Do you recall the book, Perfectly Yourself, by Matthew Kelly, that you received from St. Mary’s at Christmas mass?  Have you finished reading it? Well, you can use it, along with daily emails from Dynamic Catholic, for your BEST LENT EVER!

Watch Daily Videos…

Sign up with Dynamic Catholic, and starting Ash Wednesday (February 14), you’ll receive daily emails with short, inspirational videos from Matthew Kelly, practical tips to incorporate into your everyday life, and personal stories from Dynamic Catholic team members.

And if you want to go deeper, you can participate in the optional reading from the Bible and Perfectly Yourself, the inspiration for Dynamic Catholic’s 2018 BEST LENT EVER program.  Get ready to have a life-changing Lent!

Then have a Life-Changing Lent!

Our lives change when our habits change.  Your 40 days of Lent will be an incredibly transformative experience because you’ve learned simply yet powerful ways to become the person God created you to be.

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