Graduation Mass – June 4

St. Mary of the Hill’s annual Graduation Mass will be held on Sunday, June 4, at 11:00 AM followed by a cake and punch reception in the Gym.  All high school and college graduates are invited to wear your graduation gown and/or cap to Mass and enjoy cupcakes and punch with your family afterwards.  E-mail your picture (as a JPEG file) to Judy Rhoads  Please include the name of the school that you are graduating from.  All pictures need to be received no later than Wednesday, May 24, in order for them to appear in the bulletin.  These pictures will also be displayed on the graduation picture board.  Please submit a picture even if you are not attending the Mass. We would like to honor all who are graduating.  You will receive a confirmation email after we receive your picture.


CSA 2017

We have set the St. Mary of the Hills goal for 2017 at $200,000.  Our CSA assessment for this year is $173,000.  With your financial support, we are confident that we will meet and exceed our goal.  As you may know, all funds raised in excess of the assessment stay with us untaxed, for use on projects and needs vital to St. Mary of the Hills.  In 2016, we used the excess funds toward the budget for a new St. Mary of the Hills LED sign.  Based on our results last year, we are more than half way there.  If we get to our Parish goal of $200,000, we will be able to fund our sign.

Donations may be made online through this link: CSA Online

CCRT Collection

Vicariate churches take a turn throughout the year with Toiletry Drives for Catholic Community Response Team in Pontiac.  Please donate FULL SIZE items next weekend, May 20-21.

Our Gift to You

A pre-paid one-year subscription to access Catholic DVD’s, books, audio, printable resources, and more. Like Netflix for Catholics, but more! It’s EASY and FREE for you to register! Visit FORMED.ORG with a web browser
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