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Family Reunion Time? Vacation?  Don’t forget to bring along your Faith!

More and more, today’s Catholics are being challenged about their faith. “Why do Catholics believe this or that?”  “Why are you still Catholic?”   “I believe in God, but I don’t need to go to church.”  Or, “I really like my new (protestant) church – why should I come back?”   And, these questions aren’t coming from strangers – they are coming from our friends and our own family.

Pick up a copy or two of some great inspiring and educational books from the Welcome Bar, for you to take and read, or to give to your family, friends and neighbors. More copies are available very reasonably from

And remember – these and other great books are available year-round from the Evangelization Library near the entrance to the Great Hall.  Enjoy!

Summer Outreach Opportunities

There are many opportunities for outreach this summer. Most of the outreach opportunities are connected to hunger, homelessness, and community needs.
For parishioners of all ages: families, newly initiated, groups
Come be the hands and feet of Jesus.
Experience Kingdom living.  More Info

Refugee Resettlement Mission

Much has been written in the press and in the Church about the Refugee crisis. Churches in the Pontiac Vicariate are conversing about the need and our response. What can St. Mary of the Hills do for Refugee Resettlement? Pray, Be Informed. Advocate, and Help one family for six months in practical ways.

What are some practical ways? Help with clothing and household; food and personal items; hospitality and social; transportation and finances. Join a steering committee or subcommittee.

The vicariate churches would be working with SAMARITAS. If you have questions, concerns, suggestions or offers to help, call or email the Christian Service Office or add comments to the SUGGESTION ENVELOPE near the chapel.

Come to a round table discussion on Sunday, June 4, 12:10 PM, East Overflow. More info

Surviving Divorce – Journey of Hope

St. Mary of the Hills and Ascension Press present…
Surviving Divorce
For Men and Women Seeking Hope and Healing
Karen Evangelista and Terri Hemphill, Facilitators
Thursday Evenings 7:00 to 8:30 PM
in the St. Andrew Classroom

Begins Thursday, September 14

St. Mary of the Hills Catholic Church is pleased to announce that we are offering this highly-effective program that will bring hope and healing to those who have experienced the pain and loneliness of a broken marriage. Surviving Divorce features fourteen video presentations that cover topics such as shock and grief, anger and forgiveness, money issues, dealing with children and a former spouse, and annulment and remarriage.

This program is for the newly separated and divorced and those still struggling with issues many years later. It will help them find answers to their questions, restore their hope, and begin authentic healing. Is a friend or anyone in your family divorced? Please send them a copy of this email or invite them to the fourteen-week Surviving Divorce program.

Begins Thursday, September 14

Please complete this Registration Form if interested in attending.

Best phone number to be reached at:
Parish (if coming from another parish):
Separated or Divorced?
How long?
Number of Years Married:
Number of children and their ages:
Word Verification:

CSA Update

We are a little over one month into our 2017 CSA campaign, “Opening Doors to Encounter Christ,” and wanted to provide everyone with a quick update.  So far, we have received pledges from 255 families amounting to $97,390!  Thank you so much to the families that have contributed so far!  While this is good progress towards our parish goal of $200,000, we still have a long way to go.

With 1,773 registered families at St. Mary of the Hills, we are confident we can achieve our goal.  If your family has not yet participated in the campaign, now is a good time to do so.  Please pray about how you can help further the ministries funded by our CSA, and consider making the most generous gift possible given your other financial obligations.

If you’d like to make an online donation, go to:  If you can’t locate your envelope or have any questions about the CSA, please call the parish office.  Thanks, and God Bless!

Did you know that about 27% of our CSA contributions go to support the Sacred Heart Seminary? Our donations have a profound impact, helping ensure we have well trained priests in the future!

Our Gift to You

A pre-paid one-year subscription to access Catholic DVD’s, books, audio, printable resources, and more. Like Netflix for Catholics, but more! It’s EASY and FREE for you to register! Visit FORMED.ORG with a web browser
Click on Register (lower right of page)
Enter Parish Access Code:  W7KRFC
Enter your email and create a password (you need this to login later)
Enjoy and share with others in our local community!

CSA 2017

We have set the St. Mary of the Hills goal for 2017 at $200,000.  Our CSA assessment for this year is $173,000.  With your financial support, we are confident that we will meet and exceed our goal.  As you may know, all funds raised in excess of the assessment stay with us untaxed, for use on projects and needs vital to St. Mary of the Hills.  In 2016, we used the excess funds toward the budget for a new St. Mary of the Hills LED sign.  Based on our results last year, we are more than half way there.  If we get to our Parish goal of $200,000, we will be able to fund our sign.

Donations may be made online through this link: CSA Online