Director of Religious Formation
Peggy Casing
Phone:  (248) 243-0251

Living Lent

Last week, I made mention of the power of reading scripture with your heart, and connecting that reading to your prayer.  That’s just one way of praying with the scriptures!  While doing some research, I stumbled on a great resource, entitled “Methods of Praying with the Scriptures,” by Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.   I have found anything he writes to be of great value for comprehensive information, but also for life application.  He starts this document by saying, “There are many different ways of using the Bible in Christian prayer. Scriptural prayer does not follow a “one-size-fits-all” model.”  This guy is speaking my language!  (meaning– I couldn’t agree more.)  He, then, gives a good description of prayer being a relationship and communication with God.  I encourage you to check out the full document, or anything else written by Fr. Just.  In Lent, when our focus is on prayer, fasting and almsgiving, it is time well spent to read something that might help to deepen the value of our prayer.

Lenten Blessings,
Peggy Casing, MAPS, MC
Director of Formation

Are You Looking For Something?

Are you looking for deeper meaning in your life?  Do you sometimes wonder if God really is “alive?” Are you seeking answers to the big “why” questions of life?  Are you just looking for information to explain or deepen your faith?  If any of these questions resonate with you, please know that you are not alone, and we can help.  Helping people connect with the right information, or the best group to meet their needs is what my ministry is all about! My door is always open.  Please contact me with any questions about the faith, or about any of the services we provide.  Contact me if you feel like you’ve been away from the Church, and you’d appreciate a listening ear and a helping hand to offer a way back. Again, whatever way I can help, please let me know.  I pray that you have a blessed Christmas season, and a healthy and happy New Year. I look forward to hearing from you.

Christian Classics Book Club

Our next book is, Essential Spirituality: The 7 Central Practices to Awaken Heart and Mind, by Roger Walsh, M.D., Ph.D. This book is filled with stories, exercises, prayers, etc., based on Dr. Walsh’s research and practice that spans over twenty years. I’m sure we’ll enjoy some great conversation on a book that might just give us all a bit of spring refreshment! Join us May 15th at 7:45 PM.

Christian Classics BooK Club Schedule 2016-2017

Would you like meet others from St. Mary’s? 

If you are interested in gathering for social events, prayer, or just getting to know your fellow parishioners, please contact me.  St. Mary’s has had a history of assisting folks in forming social groups that meet for a variety of activities.  I belong to a group that met for fun activities for our kids, and evenings out for the adults.  Eventually, we even went camping together! I am happy to act at the “go to” person in forming some new groups.  If you have any interest in being part of a social group, please call me at (248) 243-0251 or email me Peggy Casing

Know Someone in Crisis?

We have a special outreach ministry here at St. Mary’s. We are happy to help those individuals in need of comfort in a time of sorrow, illness, or struggle. We provide that support through prayer and blankets or shawls that are knitted, or crocheted, by members of our volunteer ministry. If you know of a parishioner, or their family member who’d benefit from this ministry, call Peggy Casing at (248) 243-0251.

For more information on any of these offerings, or to obtain information on other adult formation offerings, please contact Peggy Casing or (248) 243-0251.