Scripture Study

Director of Religious Formation
Peggy Casing
Phone:  (248) 243-0251

Do You Like History?

Please join us if you are interested in learning about popes, saints, and other key people and moments in the Church.  The “Epic Foundational Study” will meet from 12:15 until 1:45 on selected Sundays throughout the fall and winter.  Each session will feature a 50 minute DVD and brief conversation.  If you register and purchase a book, you‘ll also have the ability to watch the DVD’s at home! For more info contact Peggy Casing or (248) 243-0251    Epic Church Study Schedule

Short Bible Studies Available

I’ve been advertising for several weeks now, and we have had a few folks expressing interest… but the time has come to firm up our groups.  If you’d like a shorter study, with less homework, a meaningful study, but one where the focus is on applying the scriptures to your life rather than an academic study of the bible, then this study is for you!  I am really excited to offer this study.  I am open to the idea of groups of folks who are already friends using this study at someone’s home, or reserving space in our building for their gatherings, OR choosing a time based on common consensus of a group of interested individuals. We have many different options, I am sure we can find one to fit you!

Peggy Casing, Director of Formation