Middle School Formation

Middle School Program
Youth Director  Chris Kozlowski
Phone:  (248) 821-8686

Our MSP year came to an end on April 12th.  We were pleasantly surprised by the amazing attendance at our final session.  We had around 100 middle school participants, 25 youth leaders and another 15 adult leaders!!!  Our closing session was focused on reviewing the year.  Two of our team members, Jen Greuling and Holly Abolins, came up with a fun way to break open the lessons of the year.  We had some mind game clues that, when answered properly, would lead to clues centered on discussion points throughout the year.  The MSP participants had great responses to questions on the Saints, the Sacraments, memorized prayer, the founding of our Church, and much more.  I want to extend a very sincere thank you to the people that make MSP possible-our SMYG and adult catechists.  This year was an especially impressive year.  Our family leaders were simply AWESOME.  I love seeing the SMYG kids, paired with great adult leaders, helping our middle schoolers to understand their faith.  It is truly a beautiful sight.  I’m also grateful to work on the planning team with three women who care so much about our youth and the legacy of our Catholic faith.  Thank you to Holly Abolins, Jenny Greuling, and Sherry Link, for making sure every detail is thought of, cared for and enacted throughout the year.  You are all amazing and I am humbled to work with you.  I’d like to end by thanking our  participants.  The energy and enthusiasm that you brought throughout the year made being involved in the program very fun for me as adult.  THANK YOU.

MSP “Let Us Give Thanks” Service Day