SMYG (High School Youth Group)

SMYG (St. Mary’s Youth Group)
Youth Director
Chris Kozlowski 
Phone:  (248) 821-8686

What type of miraculous event can lead high school youth to VOLUNTARILY disconnect from their phones???  A human SMYG foosball game!!!  On September 13th we spent time getting to know some of the other high school students that attend our church and our youth group.  The meeting was awesome thanks to our high school students willingness to be a part of all the silliness that was planned for the evening and as you can see in the picture below, cell phones were voluntarily left on the stage during our foosball game.

Fall Retreat permission slips went out at the first two meetings and can be found online on the SMYG page of the parish website.  All high school students are invited to attend retreat.  Cost is $75 per person, but financial assistance is available to anyone who may need it.  Retreat is October 20-22 at Subiaco Retreat House in Oxford.

How does someone keep track of all of the events of SMYG?  The answer is easy, the best way for high school youth to stay up to speed on SMYG activities is by signing up to REMIND.  We use REMIND to send out weekly notifications of all things SMYG.  To sign up to REMIND simply text @57d6b to the number 81010

2016-2017  SMYG upcoming schedule of events
Sept 27 SMYG meeting
October 4 MSP night
October 11 SMYG meeting
October 18 SMYG meeting
October 25 MSP night

Future SMYG Dates:
Fall Retreat:    October 20-22, 2017 @ Subiaco
Rainbow 36:    January 27 & 28, 2018
Spring Retreat:  April 27-29, 2018
SAW XXI:    June 24-July 1, 2018

SMYG Pics:  Pictures from our 9/13/17 human foosball meeting.  Couch picture is featured on the bottom of the page.




SAW 2017

Some steps to stay connected to SMYG:

√ Sign up to Remind to receive text messages on SMYG activities for the week. You can sign up by texting @57d6b to 81010.   If 81010 does not work, you can text @57d6b to (620) 412-4053. This is a great way for YOUTH to stay connected to all of SMYG’s happenings.

√ Sign-up to the weekly SMYG e-mail by e-mailing Chris Kozlowski . Please use SMYG e-mail sign-up in the subject line. Weekly e-mails include the Gospel reading for the week, a reflection (usually taken from a 3rd party source such as the lectionary workbook), an inspirational quote for the week, and a (corny) joke of the week. Additionally, the e-mail will include attachments for permission slips, information on events, etc. The e-mail is a great way for PARENTS and youth to stay connected to all of SMYG’s happenings.

√ Read the bulletin article every week. The bulletin articles explain what transpired at past SMYG meetings, it also explains upcoming opportunities.

√ Text me (Chris Kozlowski) on my cell phone (248) 821-8686 with any questions about our program and the opportunities that are available.

√ E-mail Chris Kozlowski  with any questions about our program and the opportunities that are available for youth.

√ Attend YPT meetings, usually 1 hour prior to SMYG meetings on Wednesday nights. All are welcome to attend these meetings, YPT stands for Youth Planning Team, and this group helps provide direction for events and meeting topics.

I look forward to meeting you and joining you on your faith journey. Attend SMYG and I promise that your faith life will change for the better. ~Chris