Nightfever – June 27

Evangelization Events Coming to St. Mary of the Hills for the Rochester Hills Fireworks
During and after the Rochester Hills fireworks on June 27, St. Mary’s will be hosting two important events which touch the public and invite them to communion with Jesus.

The first is a booth at Borden Park, manned jointly with St. Paul Street Evangelization.  Passersby can pick up medals, rosaries, information, and talk or pray with a booth volunteer.  The booth is open from about 3 PM until dark.


The second is “Nightfever,” an open-church event which takes place after the fireworks. From about 10:30 to midnight, volunteers invite passersby into the church. The atmosphere in the church is one of beautiful music, prayer, and candlelight. The Blessed Sacrament is displayed, and the altar is decorated with the image of the Divine Mercy.  Those who come in can light a candle, say a prayer, and talk to a priest if they would like. It can be a powerful experience.

You can help in three ways:  Contact the parish office to volunteer for either of these events, pray for their success, and invite your friends and neighbors.

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