Preparing to Vote

September 30

2:00 – 4:00 PM

Christ Our Light Church, 3077 Glouchester Dr. Troy, MI

Open to the public, light refreshments will be served.

New technologies have given us new ways of communicating and understanding the world. But they have also made it more difficult to separate fact from fiction. The public is invited to a free presentation and discussion about how to identify fake news that may impact your views on voting, law enforcement, journalism, politics and religion:

Q & A will follow presentations by panelists:

  • Alan Epstein: Oakland University political science faculty, comparative and global politics; previous director OU religious studies program.
  • Garry Gilbert: Director, journalist programs at Oakland University; 30 year veteran reporter, editor, director in print, radio & online journalism
  • Sgt. Meghan Broderick Lehman: Public information officer, social media manager, and community services supervisor, Troy Police Department. Previous experience in corporate communications.
  • Mansoor Qureshi, M.D: Cardiologist, president, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Michigan Chapter; featured speaker interfaith and community events and media relations.

To register to vote at the forum: Bring a driver’s license or personal ID, photo copy of either, or photocopy of paycheck stub, utility bill or document that lists both your name and address.

For more information, call (248) 689 – 3294Pan or look on Facebook at @SOVJusticeandPeace. Or, here is the event page.