Made for More Campaign

Curious about our newly launched Made for More campaign? Here is some info!

We all have spiritual gifts from the Lord. Some of us may know exactly what our gifts and talents are, others may have a general idea, and some people may have no clue. As part of our baptism as Catholics, we have a calling to discern what our gifts are and use them in service of others.

One of our staff members was vacationing in Texas and went to St. Austin Church. There she found a wonderful Spiritual Gifts Inventory that calculates what your gifts are based on various questions. She brought it back to the rest of the staff; most of us have taken it and have found it to be spot on! We love it so much we decided to build a campaign around it, because WE ARE ALL MADE FOR MORE! 

With all this being said, we have entered into phase 1 of our Made for More Campaign: “Ask ME about my gifts.” You have probably seen some of the staff wearing pins on their lanyards or shirts. Don’t be shy – ask us what our gifts are! We are happy to tell you what the Lord has given us and how we use those gifts to serve others. We can also tell you what avenues we probably shouldn’t be pursuing (for example, there’s only a select few of us who are musically inclined!)

Be sure to watch out for phase 2, which will be coming out in February, where we will give YOU the opportunity to take the inventory and find out what your gifts are!

In the meantime, check out this video!