Ice Cream Social With Grovecrest Senior Care

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St. Mary of the Hills Christian Service

Grovecrest Senior Care

Grovecrest is home to approximately 45 Seniors. Most are low income with little family visits and mild mental difficulties. St. Mary's is visiting every other month with a food-related event.  Twice a month Heather and friends provide fun and activities on alternating Tuesdays and Fridays. July is an Ice Cream Social theme. The residents build their own Sundae or enjoy a root beer float. The children serve as waiters: take and deliver orders. Children, ages 8 and up, with an adult are most welcome. Before heading home, we circle up to pray and ask the Holy Spirit for a word of wisdom. If you would like to carpool from St. Mary's please indicate in the comment section.  Depart at Noon.  For more information contact Betty at or Christian Service at 248-243-0258.