Fr. Stan’s Article

Did you ever notice how speakers grab your attention with a joke or a silly saying? The parable about the mustard seed would fall into the hilarious category. In today’s Gospel reading Jesus speaks about the mysterious growth of plants and how a tiny mustard seed becomes a large bush for birds to nest in. He mentions that a farmer scatters seeds but doesn’t control their development. The joke is that no farmer would ever plant a mustard seed; it was a fast growing weed that he would rather rip out. Through the parable Jesus illustrates that size isn’t the issue and that the growth of the reign of God will come about slowly from humble beginnings. Since Jesus wasn’t about to use force or status to achieve success in accomplishing His mission of proclaiming the reign of God, He wasn’t the kind of Messiah people expected. However, by God’s power even weeds would serve Him in explaining the plan of salvation.

Students started summer vacation this past week with a Mass of thanksgiving for the 2020-2021 school year. It was a very challenging year for HFRS’s principals, teachers, staff, students and parents as everyone tried to safely navigate in-person learning alongside a raging pandemic. The discipline, planning and energy needed to pull it off were there and needs to be commended.  Holy Family Regional School met the challenges and our students grew spiritually, academically, physically and socially. It will be an experience everyone will remember and will hopefully prepare us for other challenges in the future. In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys a renewing summer and will safely return in the fall.

The parish staffs of St. Mary of the Hills, St. Irenaeus and St. Andrew will gather on June 15th for a luncheon in order to meet one another and discuss Family of Parishes. This new structure for parish ministry within the Archdiocese of Detroit will go into effect for our “Family” starting July 1st. Monsignor Mike Hrydziuszko of St. Andrew Parish has been appointed by the Archbishop as the Moderator of our “Family.” In union with all the priests, deacons and lay ministers of these three parishes, he will see to it that adequate pastoral care is provided in all these parishes and that together we are fulfilling the mission of evangelization and creating joyful missionary disciples of Jesus. Together we will create a synergy from the best use of our resources to enhance the areas of engagement, disciple formation, evangelical charity, worship, family ministry, and parochial school education. For several months already, priests, deacons, and lay leaders have been meeting in order to acquaint each other with the resources that we bring to the table for the benefit of all our “Family’s” members. Parish members will be invited to an evening of Prayer and an Ice Cream Social in July to hear more about these plans. Stay tuned.

I’m happy to report that our weekend Mass attendance has slowly been rising as more people feel comfortable about returning to in-person worship. Welcome back! As more people are vaccinated, the number of COVID19 cases will decline as will hospitalizations and deaths. However, the pandemic isn’t over and we shouldn’t let our guard down. Our building policy for all visitors is to continue wearing face masks, socially distancing and sanitizing hands and common surfaces. Your cooperation for a few more weeks is appreciated.

Peace and joy,
Fr. Stan Ulman