Fr. Stan’s Article

We welcome our guests from South Oakland Shelter today and wish them a comfortable stay here at St. Mary’s this coming week. I’m grateful for the volunteers who will be providing all the logistical support that is necessary to provide shelter, meals, transportation and activities for our 30 or so guests. Let us pray for each other in this ministry so that all of us may experience Christ and His Spirit in our midst. Let our efforts fill our guests with hope for a brighter future and a place to call their own.

As we continue to read and reflect on the scriptures that come to us from the Gospel of John, we’re faced with the same challenge as the people of Jesus’ day.  Do we truly believe that Jesus is the living bread come down from heaven for our salvation and that of the whole world? The people we read about in today’s passage murmur that it can’t be so because Jesus is one of them, they know His parents. The people of today don’t believe it is so because either they feel they don’t need saving or that they’re beyond saving. Some people can’t get their heads around the fact that salvation is for everyone, not just those they deem worthy. Our mission as disciples of Jesus is to proclaim Good News to everyone: Jesus is our bread of life and yours! He’s ready to heal and forgive all who call upon Him. Our fulfillment is in trusting and following Him. It’s that easy and that difficult. His love for us guides us on our journey to Him.

This Wednesday is the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven. As Catholics we are obliged to participate in the Eucharist on this day. Masses here will be celebrated at 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM. Join in thanking God for the gift of the Blessed Virgin Mary in salvation history and celebrate her special privilege of being taken body and soul into heaven. This event signals our future resurrection and the transformation of our bodies in glory. With all the saints we give God thanks and praise.

Next weekend is a special collection for religious assistance to the Church in Poland and Polonia. Since World War II Poles and Polish-Americans have supported the Church in Poland through prayer and financial help as the country suffered under the oppression of Nazism and Communism. Today we assist our brothers and sisters in faith as they send missionaries throughout the world and train priests and lay leaders for the new evangelization. As the Moderator of this collection for the Archdiocese of Detroit I ask for your prayers and support. Please be generous. May Our Lady of Czestochowa intercede on your behalf.

We’re making a concerted effort in the next few weeks to bring our 2018 Catholic Services Appeal to a successful conclusion. We’re grateful for the participation thus far, but there are still many parishioners that have not responded. We will soon begin calling households to encourage people to give to the CSA. If we go over our diocesan quota, all additional donations will be returned to the parish and go toward replacing our children’s playground equipment and charity outreach. Please save us a call by making your pledge or donation this week.

Peace and joy,

Fr. Stan