Looking for a way to deepen your friendship with Jesus?

Start by asking the Holy Spirit for guidance. His job is to be our helper and guide as we follow Christ.

How do you ask the Spirit to work in you?

One way is to find time each week to prepare for Sunday liturgy by reading and praying with Scriptures. Some people prepare for the whole week, others for a few minutes. You can do it before meals, at bedtime, or whatever fits into your schedule!

Here are some questions to help get you started this Lenten Season...

A possible daily schedule might look like this:
Monday Read the Gospel prayerfully. 
Tuesday Read the Gospel again and with a commentary. Suggestions with links are on the website.
Wednesday Read the gospel again. Reflect on a related story from your life or even the media and let it lead you to prayer.
Thursday Read a commentary and bring to the Lord prayers of praise, petition, or thanksgiving that the Word inspires in you
Friday There may be a word or phrase calling your attention: pray with it, use the questions on page 10 or make up your own questions. The questions will be in the Narthex, Gym, Church Wall and Website. Share the questions at home, at coffee and donuts, at parish meetings, in the parking lot.
Saturday Read the Gospel and first reading and reflect on how you have been able to live this gospel during
the week. Be pleasantly surprised as you notice the Holy Spirit at work in your life.
Sunday Enter fully into the celebration of Eucharist. Discover the grace in the opening prayer, see how the music connects with the Scriptures, listen with your heart to the Sunday Scriptures. Enjoy a day of rest.

The Christian Service Commission exists as a model and resource of Catholic Social Teaching to enable the entire parish community to put the social teaching of the Church into action. The Commission empowers the members of the parish to fulfill the Church’s mission of love, justice, freedom and peace under the mantle of evangelization by communally responding, in an organized way, to societal and individual needs. The Commission creates and/or promotes programs that strive to address human needs and achieve justice whether locally or in the broader communities of vicariate, region, Archdiocese, state, nation, and world. This group is for anyone who is interested in sharing the Christian Service concerns of the parish and supporting the many committees, which fall under Christian Service. Meetings are usually the third Saturday of the month from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM.