Call Us Forth

Prayer of the Other

St. Maximilian Kolbe Prayer Service

Stations of the Cross - Overcoming Racism (USCCB)

A Rosary for Vulnerable Migrant Populations from Justice for Immigrants (USCCB)

Ignatian Examen on Migration

Litany Signs of the Times - Eyes Wide Open-Modern Day Slavery in Our Communities

Ignatian Ecological Examen

Prayer Service - World Day of the Poor

Prayer_To Labor and To Love-Cabrini

A Reflection on the Feast of St. Francis

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Care of Creation in this Holy Year of Mercy

Thanksgiving Prayer Service

A Prayer for Fall Activities

Migrant prayer service 2012

Prayer for Children Immigrating Alone

Prayer for the Homeless

Prayers During & After SOS Week

I was a stranger

Prayer For Our Youth

Prayer for Labor Day

Prayer Service - Peace on Earth

Prayer to End Violence, War and Senseless Death

Litany for End to Conflicts

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Prayer Earth Day 2013

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Prayer for mental illness

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Prayer for overcoming fear

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Prayer for a broken heart

Good News Meets the Daily News

Looking for a way to deepen your friendship with Jesus?

Start by asking the Holy Spirit for guidance. His job is to be our helper and guide as we follow Christ.

How do you ask the Spirit to work in you?

One way is to find time each week to prepare for Sunday liturgy by reading and praying with Scriptures. Some people prepare for the whole week, others for a few minutes. You can do it before meals, at bedtime, or whatever fits into your schedule!

A possible daily schedule might look like:
  • Monday: Read the Gospel prayerfully.
  • Tuesday: Read the Gospel again and with a commentary.
  • Wednesday: Read the Gospel again. Reflect on a related story from your life or even the media and let it lead   you to prayer.
  • Thursday: Read a commentary and bring to the Lord prayers of praise, petition, or thanksgiving that the   Word inspires in you.
  • Friday: There may be a word or phrase calling your attention - pray with it, use the questions provided or   make up your own questions. The questions are below, as well as in the Narthex and Gym. Share the   questions at home, at coffee and donuts, at parish meetings, in the parking lot.
  • Saturday: Read the Gospel and first reading and reflect on how you have been able to live this Gospel during   the week. Be pleasantly surprised as you notice the Holy Spirit at work in your life.
  • Sunday: Enter fully into the celebration of Eucharist. Discover the grace in the opening prayer, see how the   music connects with the Scriptures, listen with your heart to the Sunday Scriptures. Enjoy a day of rest.

Examples of some past prayer and reflection topics: