Sherry Link
Coordinator of Children’s Formation
Phone:  (248) 243-0259

GIFT –  Session 8—We are all special treasures in the eyes of God!
Sunday, January 26 or Friday, February 1


It’s great to see our children working with their parents at our GIFT program as they grow in faith together!




First Eucharist
Peace Day– Saturday, January 25, 9:30-Noon  This is for second and third grade students along with a parent. The completed “Gift of Reconciliation” book is due when you attend.

Reconciliation Class-Wednesday, January 22, 5-6 PM  This is for students in grade four and up. The completed Reconciliation workbook is due when you attend. Parents do NOT need to stay for the class.

Confirmation Upcoming Events:
Confirmation Speaker, Friday, February 7, 7-8:30 PM – Mike Chamberland will be presenting “Unwrap the Gift”  A parent or sponsor should attend with the student.

Confirmation Speaker, Sunday, February 23, 2-3:30 PM
Lisa D’Souza will be presenting “Lean On Me-A Candidate/Sponsor Workshop.” The sponsor is encouraged to attend with the candidate.  If that’s not possible, a parent should attend.


Sunday Morning Children’s Programs

Children’s Liturgy of the Word (Gym) – Children’s Liturgy provides a way for the gospel to come to life for our K-5 students. Children are dismissed just prior to the start of Mass to hear the readings and message and return after the homily  Here, they are learning that there are many pathways to reach God!

The kids celebrated the Feast of the Holy Family by creating ornaments with their family members’ names and decorating them as a way of celebrating the family that God gave them.


Child Care Room (St. Andrew Room) – Have you stopped in to see our  child care room on Sunday mornings? You’ll find toddlers busy playing, doing puzzles, looking at books and having a great time while Mom and Dad are enjoying Mass. This drop-in program is available for children ages 12– 36 months during 9 and 11 AM Mass. We encourage you to give it a try!

Sunday Morning Preschool (St. Thomas and St. Jude classrooms) – Our Sunday morning Preschool program is available during 9 and 11 AM Masses. St. Mary’s staff members are eager to spend the hour with your child, engaging them in song, stories, and activities to help build the foundation of their faith, while you are freer to participate in Mass. This is a drop-in program for 3, 4 and young 5-year-olds, not yet in kindergarten.  Come join the children who have already discovered this new program!

Registration is not necessary for any of these programs. We hope your children will take advantage of these new offerings at St. Mary’s! If you have any questions, please call Sherry Link at (248) 243-0259 or email Sherry Link.