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Summer vacation is a great time for your middle school student to do a service project and bring God’s love to others. Whether big or small, a service project will put a smile on everyone’s face. Below are some worth trying. If you are looking for more ideas then check out Creekside Learning. This site offers twenty different project suggestions.

  1. Doing outdoor work for a neighbor is something that the whole family can participate in. Find a neighbor who needs assistance with weed pulling, planting, or even mowing.
  2. Set up a lemonade stand in a senior center. The price of lemonade can be 1 smile!

  1. Encourage your student to do something nice for a family member. They can do the dinner dishes or finish a sibling’s chore. Maybe big brother can read little sister’s favorite book to her.
  2. Make a card for a neighbor or family member. Include the message that you are keeping them in your prayers. Don’t forget to mail it.
  3. Create some colorful pictures and kind messages on your sidewalk with chalk.

Here are other ideas:

Relaxation Jars: These remind me of home made lava lamps. Using warm water, glitter glue, hot glue, and a mason jar this project is fun to make. And it’s a bit therapeutic to watch. Encourage your student to spend quiet time while looking at their jar and praying. Or use the time to listen to what God is saying to them.

Relaxation Jars Link/

Ice Cream in a Baggie: Remember filling ice cube trays with Sprite? This looks way better than juice cubes! Before eating your treat, say a prayer of thanksgiving with your student.  Take turns naming 5 things (big or small). Better yet, make one baggie for every member of your family and save them for dessert.  Then include everyone in naming things to be thankful for.

Ice-cream in a Bag Link



What do our students like best about MSP? Below are some of our students and what their favorite thing(s) were this past school year.

Cecilia- “Family groups. You get to know them, share things about your life, and support each other.”

Celeste- “We focus on something different each week with the whole group.”

Ximena—”The activities with the bible, and they make it fun for us.”

The picture below shows one of our 6/7th grade family groups.

 Early registration for our new 6th, 7th, and 8th graders will end August 15. After this date, the registration fee will return to the normal rate. Forms can be found on the church website and on the religious education office door. If your student was registered last year then you do not need to re-register.

Our program will start back up again on September 25. Until then we pray that you and your family have a safe and fun-filled summer.

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