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How is a drum set like confirmation? Middle school students had an opportunity to attend Mike Chamberlain’s presentation about unwrapping the gift of confirmation on February 7. He began his presentation  with community building in the form of a trivia game. With students against adults, each team had five trivia questions about the opposite team’s generation. Students were asked questions like what was the car used in Back to the Future (DeLorean). While adults were asked what gucci means (teen speak for good). It was a fun way to warm up and get ready to hear about the gift. Below is a photo of 7th grade boys trying to beat their mothers. This one ended with a tie!


Mike then told the group about the Christmas when he was twelve and received a drum set. Although this was not the gift he had hoped for, it later became a gift that changed him. He discovered his own talent, built wonderful relationships, had great experiences, and even created a connection to his future wife. He talked of all the blessings he found in this gift that he didn’t even know he needed or wanted. For many of our students, confirmation may feel like this, a beautiful gift that they aren’t quite sure how to use. They are at the beginning of owning their faith. Mike was a wonderful witness and encouraged the students to keep unwrapping their gift.

Our next session will be February 26, Ash Wednesday. Families and students will attend Mass at 7:00PM with the session continuing in the gym immediately after. Please note that we will not have Meet and Greet pizza dinner beforehand.

Our remaining MSP dates for 2020: February 26, March 11, March 25, April 15, and April 29.

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