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What brings you lasting happiness? This past school year we learned about Jesus’ teachings on how to find lasting happiness through the Beatitudes. Then we had a contest that asked students to take a picture of something in their life that brings them true happiness. Three names were randomly drawn and winners received a Target gift card. The next few bulletin articles will show some of the entries.

We are proud to say there weren’t any pictures of X-Box, Spicy Chili Doritos, or Vineyard Vines hoodies! Although these things can bring happiness for a short time, the students identified that they do not bring the lasting joy and happiness that Jesus taught us about. It was inspiring to see the students recognizing  their lasting happiness in the love of family, pets, and special talents. One student has a talent for drawing. Below is a picture she made for our contest.

MSP has begun on-line registration for next year. (links to forms on sidebar) If you have a student entering 6th grade next fall you can expect an email with an MSP registration form. Those entering 7th grade can expect a health form to update and a form for confirmation registration. Those entering 8th grade can expect a health form to be updated. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We miss you. Stay healthy and hopeful.

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