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Our MSP planning team likes to take current trends and use them to our advantage. It’s our way of keeping the program engaging for the students. A side benefit is that we can sneak in reminders of faith into their daily lives! So, we have taken the popular game, Among Us, and used it for a picture contest. Students were encouraged to find God among us during the Advent and Christmas seasons. Their entries were thoughtful and inspiring. Below are two examples with the students’ explanation included.


One student chose this picture because “it represents Jesus and God with us all the time as we pray but also always is watching over us.”




Another student spent time learning about the Bethlehem star. She took a photo of Jupiter and Saturn on December 20, 2020. They are the brighter lights between the two houses by the chimneys. It reminded her that “God is always among us even though we can’t see Him, but revealing Himself in many ways!”

Our next session is January 20.  Please have your student complete module 7: Loving Our Neighbor before the meeting.  The 2021 MSP dates are January 20, February 3, February 17, March 3, March 17, April 7, April 21.

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