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About five years ago my family and I visited Latvia. One day as I walked into a store the young, Latvian worker asked me where I was from. After I told her, she replied, “what is it like to live in the home of the brave?” What a beautiful way for her to see us. What is even more wonderful, is that it is true.

We are the home of the brave. We show love and give peace. We bring greatness in times of challenge. And we are the light in any darkness. We are the body of Christ always, but especially during times like this. Below are some suggestions for keeping the peace (or trying to) during our time at home.

Grab your little sister’s sidewalk chalk and write your favorite bible passage on your driveway. Going on a trail? Bring the chalk and message with you to share.

Does your family have Dance Revolution or Wipe Out? Have a contest to see who can get the best score.

Search up your favorite karaoke song on YouTube and have a concert. This works with or without a microphone!

Go on a family walk outside. Give a prize to the person who spots a cardinal.

Read Hebrews 11:1. Then practice trust falls. A student stands with their eyes closed in front of their parent. The student then falls back while their parent catches them. This may work better with a parent as the “catcher.”

How about writing a letter? This can be a good way to connect with grandparents and loved ones.

Create a prayer. Take time to write a prayer that can be read before dinner. Or check out prayingincolor.com for instructions and examples to create picture prayers.

Ask each family member to choose a psalm they like. Take turns reading each and talk about why you picked it.

Plan a time to FaceTime a family member who could use cheering up. Sing or play a song for them. Ask them what their favorite spring memory is. Tell them a joke.

Pray for more patience with each other. And remember that we are in this together. We are strong. We are brave. We are loved. We are gifts from God to each other.

Be sure to check your email for program updates. Know that the MSP team is holding you all close in prayer. May you feel, see, and be God’s love around you.


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