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What does the word family mean to you? For the MSP team, it is a place where people can count on each other and feel secure. It’s a place where every student is meant to feel respect and responsibility for each other. The “family group” is one of the most unique and effective aspects of our program. What does a family group at MSP look like? We place our 120+ middle school students into smaller groups of 8-10 creating about 13 families. They are either all boy or all girl groups with similar grade levels. Families are led by at least one adult catechist and one teen leader. Our family groups are put together with a lot of prayer and intention.

The family groups create a welcoming and judgement-free space where each member can feel important and valued. Families also build a better learning environment for faith study and sharing. It is a place that offers opportunities for the students to encounter God. Throughout the year, we witness faith and friendship connections made among many different members in the family groups.  Ask your son or daughter who their family leaders are. These people are taking an active role in helping your middle schooler grow in faith.

In a way to encourage this family atmosphere our program has a theme song, Count on Me, by Bruno Mars. Students know it as the signal to the start of every session. The refrain sends the message: “You can count on me like one two three.. I’ll be there.  And I know when I need it, I can count on you like four three two. You’ll be there. ‘Cuz that’s what friends are supposed to do.  Oh Yeah.” We hope that each time they hear the words, it  starts to ring true to them. We are all in this together. We are family.

Our next MSP session will be Wednesday, October 3.

Pizza Dinner MSP (Greet and Eat)
Opening MSP night last year (Human Foosball)


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MSP Day of Service
Here are a few more photos from our service day on November 5. Some students are making cards for Detroit Rescue Mission, and some are celebrating completing the sorting of books being donated! Awesome job!