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Have you heard of the Somebody Syndrome? It is a skit that talks about the different stereotypes in today’s teen world. It leads to great conversation about who you are and who God is calling you to be. We were blessed to have six high school leaders and one middle schooler perform this wonderful skit during our January 8 MSP session.  It is an inspiration to witness older teens serving as a guiding light to younger teens.

The main character, Bob Bland, met many friends (Artsies, Jocks, Brains, and Trendies) who tried to convince him to be like them. Until Sam Body came on the scene to remind Bob that our Maker created each of us wonderfully and uniquely.  After the performance, the actors talked to the group about what they learned from the play. They each spoke honestly about the importance of being YOU and being proud of who God has made you to be. Thank you to Lisa D’Douza and Mark Misch for leading our drama ministry. And thank you to the cast of Somebody Syndrome. You amaze and uplift us all. Bravo!

Our next MSP session is our annual Mass and a Movie Night on Saturday, January 25. Middle schoolers will attend Mass with their families and then stay for dinner and the movie, Soul Surfer.

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