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 Who are the wonderful adults that volunteer to be MSP catechists? We’d like to share a bit about two more of them. Our first volunteer, Nicole Kusky (pictured below with her MSP family), has been a catechist for many years, starting as a GIFT catechist.  She made the transition to MSP more than two years ago and has been serving ever since. Her knowledge of the scripture and her faith in prayer is inspiring. She is a true prayer warrior. These qualities, along with her gentle approach to working with middle school students has made her such a blessing to our program. Her students leave their sessions feeling personally touched by Jesus.  What an incredible gift!

Another gift to our program is Griff Losh (pictured below: in the middle with other catechists.) During his high school years he was a member of SMYG and served as a teen leader for our MSP program. Known for his “backflips for Jesus,” Griff filled our faith with energy and fun. Now, he is a second year student at Kettering University and still makes MSP a priority. This is his second year serving as an adult leader. Griff makes the lessons relatable for his students, and his faith is an amazing example to them. He inspires by just being there. And he has yet to miss a session! Thank you, Griff.

As we continue to spotlight our catechists throughout this year, we recognize all of our volunteers with gratitude. Our program is incredible because of you. Thank you.

Below is a praying in color prayer completed by one of our family groups led by Bryan Clifford.

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