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How’s it going at your house? It’s May and going on two months of quarantine. We are tired of zoom, homeschool, staying in, eating too much, not moving enough, and sometimes we are tired of each other! Everyone is struggling in some way. As the adults in the room, we are supposed to be the hope and encouragement. It’s tough to do some days. This is when we need to dig deep and pray more. Below are memes that I hope make you laugh and a beautiful prayer for patience. I believe we need both. Hang in there parents. We have God, our faith, and each other. We can do this.

MSP has begun on-line registration for next year. (links to forms on sidebar) If you have a student entering 6th grade next fall you can expect an email with an MSP registration form. Those entering 7th grade can expect a health form to update and a form for confirmation registration. Those entering 8th grade can expect a health form to be updated. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We miss you. Stay healthy and hopeful.

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