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The theme for our MSP session on January 9 was prayer.  There were so many messages we wanted the middle school students to walk away with from our session. Some of them were: There is no right or wrong way to pray. To pray is to talk to God about anything that is in your heart: things that bring you joy, things that bring you sorrow, your successes, your failures, your strengths and talents, your faults and weaknesses, your hopes and dreams. Prayer helps you to discover who you are and why you are here. Because you want to be happy-discovering God’s plan for your life is essential to your happiness. Prayer helps you become the best version of yourself. Prayer gives you strength for great ideals, for keeping up your faith, purity, generosity, and light. Prayer is raising your mind and heart to God, and requesting good things from Him. Prayer helps you to live life deliberately and with purpose. Prayer is an intimate friendship with heart to heart conversations with God.  Prayer is about everything you say and don’t say (those things in your head and heart as well).

During our session we heard from a guest speaker, Matt Gumbel, an amazing example of someone who is living a life led by prayer. Matt is a young, father of 3, and attends St. Mary, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. He has found strength in his prayers and the prayers of many to get him through this challenge. He talked at MSP about his journey and faith in God. Thank you, Matt, for inspiring our middle school students and all of us who heard you!

We also experienced many unique forms of prayer throughout the evening, hoping to reach all of our learners and their different learning styles.  Some of those prayer forms included: re-purpose a love song, do a brain dump, praying for a friend, praying the calendar, praying a world map, personalizing scripture, singing, paper airplane prayer, and finger labyrinth meditation prayer.

Don’t miss our next MSP session on January 23 when we will be focusing on the structure of our church and what our mission is in it!

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