Overview and Registration

St. Mary of the Hills provides many educational opportunities for people of all ages.  We offer programs for youth and adults at every level of knowledge.  Whether you are a “beginner” in your faith journey or are well on your way, consider joining us for a session that interests you. You do not need to be a parish member to participate in the formation programs we provide.  We strongly encourage you to enroll your child in faith formation throughout elementary and middle school (K-8).  Attending only during sacrament years deprives your child of developing a solid, comprehensive foundation in the faith.

Growing in Faith Together (GIFT)

Family GIFT (Growing in Faith Together) is the name of our family formation program for children in kindergarten through fifth grade and their parents. At GIFT, parents and children learn about a new topic each session, each at their own level. By learning together, families are better able to discuss, reinforce, and live out the facts of their faith as well as a Christian lifestyle.

This program is designed for parents and their children in grades K-5. The bulk of the time will be spent with parents working with their children to learn new concepts, following a theme for each session. Parents will be given a shorter adult breakout that is PARENT centered. Children will meet with their specific grade at that time.

In order to adhere to current safety protocols, session times will be shorter and will be supplemented with take home family activities.  This schedule will be followed at least through December.  At that time, we will re-evaluate based on restrictions in the state.  If it’s possible to return to our regular GIFT schedule, families that come on Sundays would come from 1:30-4 PM and Friday families would come from 6-8:30 PM.  The supplemental take home activities would then be omitted.

The Family GIFT Program is offered on the following days/times:

Sunday 1:30-2:45 OR 3:00-4:15

Friday 6:00-7:15 OR 7:30-8:45

There are usually 13 sessions of GIFT running September through April/May. Links to the GIFT Calendar as well as the Registration Form are  available in the right sidebar on this page. The PDF forms are fillable if using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.
Please email completed forms to Register

Note: No one will be denied participation in our programs due to financial concerns.

Middle School Program (MSP)

In order to adhere to current safety protocols, session times will be shorter to keep our groups smaller.  Through December, students will be attending in person for one hour and completing online modules independently before each session.  Your student will be assigned a time two weeks before our first session.  Times will be 6:30-7:30 PM or 8:00-9:00 PM.   We’ll reevaluate our schedule in December based on state restrictions and if possible, we’ll return to all students attending from 7-9 PM.  All sessions meet on Wednesdays.

MSP is for students in grades 6-8. The MSP program is designed to cover a comprehensive list of topics to prepare for Confirmation, which takes place in the spring of eighth grade.  As such, it is important for students to attend all three years to have the most complete formation possible. Attendance at these sessions is required for all those planning to be confirmed unless they are enrolled in Catholic school.

Registration for MSP is a one-time registration for the entire three years of the program.  If your child was registered in the MSP program last year, you do not need to register again for this year. We do ask that you complete an updated MSP Emergency Form 2021 MSP Emergency Form

If your child is new to MSP (6th or 7th grade), select the MSP Registration Form in the sidebar. The fee schedule for the MSP program is outlined in the2021 MSP Tuition and Fee Schedule Please complete the registration form and contact us if you have any questions.

Links to the MSP Calendar as well as the Registration Form are  available in the right sidebar on this page. The PDF forms are fill-able if using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.
Please email completed form to Register

Payments may be made online through our online My Own Giving program. There is a secure link on our website to Online Giving. You do not have to set up an account but may make a one-time payment through Quick Give. Under Gift Information select Religious Education Tuition as the fund in the drop down.

No one will be denied participation in our programs due to financial concerns. Please contact the
Religious Education Office at 248-844-8662.

Also offered on Wednesday from 7:00-9:00 — High School Youth Group (SMYG). You do not need to register for SMYG. Check the SMYG page for the meeting schedule.

Sacrament Registration

Children who attend public school and wish to prepare for the reception of sacraments for the first time are expected to participate in the GIFT program, or in the Middle School Program (as appropriate). A Sacrament Registration Form must also be completed and turned in with the GIFT or MSP form.

Children who attend Catholic school and are members of St. Mary’s should enroll in our sacrament preparation program by filling out a sacrament registration form. Please note: if you registered your child in the Confirmation program last year, you do NOT need to fill out another sacrament registration form.

To complete registration in the sacrament program, a copy of your child’s baptism certificate must be attached to the registration form unless your child was baptized at St Mary of the Hills.  If your child was baptized at another church, please contact them and ask that they send you a copy of the certificate. Your child will not be enrolled in the program until we have a baptism certificate on file.

Links to the First Eucharist Calendar as well as  Registration Forms for Confirmation and First Eucharist are  available in the right sidebar on this page. Please email completed forms to Register

Note: Payment is not due at this time. Tuition statements will be emailed in August with an option to make an online payment. No one will be denied participation in our programs due to financial concerns.

Sunday Morning Children’s Programs
Child Care Room

Have you stopped in to see our new child care room on Sunday mornings? You’ll find toddlers busy playing, doing puzzles, looking at books and having a great time while Mom and Dad are enjoying Mass. This drop-in program is available for children ages 12– 36 months during 9 and 11 AM Mass. We encourage you to give it a try!

Sunday Morning Preschool

We are excited to announce that our Sunday morning Preschool program is now underway during 9 and 11 AM Masses. St. Mary’s staff members are eager to spend the hour with your child, engaging them in song, stories, and activities to help build the foundation of their faith, while you are freer to participate in Mass. This is a drop-in program for 3, 4 and young 5-year-olds, not yet in kindergarten. You can find us in the St. Thomas and St. Jude classrooms. Come join the children who have already discovered this new program!

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Children in grades K-5 are dismissed just prior to the start of Mass and meet in the gym. Please be sure and follow our age guidelines for this program.

Registration is not necessary for any of the Sunday morning programs. We hope your children will take advantage of these offerings at St. Mary’s!

If you have questions about any of our Religious Formation programs,  please call Sherry Link at (248) 243-0259 or email Sherry Link.