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SMYG (St. Mary’s Youth Group)
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Chris Kozlowski 
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“Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.” In last Sunday’s Gospel, we heard the story of Thomas asking for proof of Jesus returning. We used the idea of proof of God to form our discussion in SMYG. We used an online article for the backdrop of our discussion. The article listed 15 ways to see God in ordinary life, I’ve listed them below, as I found them to be incredibly thought provoking:

  1. Pray through your day.
  2. Make the choice to rejoice.
  3. Let gratitude rule your attitude.
  4. Dwell on the good.
  5. Protect, project and inject love.
  6. Shine forth the source of your light
  7. Be patient in pains, with people and through persecution.
  8. Find the complete joy in expectation.
  9. Dwell in humble places.
  10. Submit every particle of your being to His authority.
  11. Seek to do good all the time, for all time.
  12. Get still in the face of busy
  13. Keep heart and know God will arrive.
  14. Meditate on God’s Word through the day.
  15. Do not worry.

I’ve extended the SMYG calendar on this page to help families as they try to plan vacations this summer. Our tentative date for SAW is listed as June 20-27, 2021. As long as we are physically able to make this event happen on these dates, we will. I will update this article as the event nears.

The best way to stay connected to all things SMYG is by signing up to our SMYG REMIND. To join the SMYG 20-21 REMIND, please text @smygrocks to 81010. All of this year’s 9-12th graders should sign up to REMIND. SMYG news is usually sent out on Monday/Tuesday and Zoom links will be sent out right before the SMYG meeting (if we are meeting remotely). Also, permission forms, special event information, etc. is all sent through REMIND.

REMIND Instructions

2020-2021 SMYG upcoming schedule
April 21              MSP closing session (via Zoom)  SMYG 8-9 PM  (via Zoom)
April 28             SMYG meeting (in person)
May 5                 SMYG meeting (in person)
May 12               SMYG meeting (in person)
May 19               SMYG meeting (virtual)

Upcoming SMYG Events:
June 20-27       SAW @ Subiaco

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