SMYG (High School Youth Group)

SMYG (St. Mary’s Youth Group)
Youth Director
Chris Kozlowski 
Phone:  (248) 821-8686

What a wonderful way to send off our seniors.  On May 9th a group of almost 30 high school students came together to say thank you and good bye to our wonderful seniors.  As the youth minister, these meetings are always bittersweet. I love honoring the work of our high school students, most especially the seniors who have stuck with the program and evolved from mere participant to leader, but it is hard to say good-bye to these wonderful young people. With SAW on the horizon, I know that we will have time to honor them further, but for now, this was a great way for all of us to wish our seniors the best in the future. Thank you to all of the underclassmen who came to the meeting to share their well wishes.

 What is the significance of the hand prints on the wall in the SMYG room? These hand prints are hand prints from our seniors at their final meeting.  We have been honoring this tradition since 1996-the very beginning of the program. At this time, I want to thank each of the high school seniors who, over the years, has left a hand print on the wall, for each of you have blessed the program immensely. I love the fact that I still see many of you involved with your families on the weekends – again a true honor.

At our second to last meeting, our annual campfire meeting, we had a blast.  The character built by Sarah Carlson, Kale, was our winner.  Kale had us all laughing like crazy (I was literally crying) as we presented our characters as part of our longest standing annual meeting-the campfire meeting-took place.  Thank you to Sarah (and her teammate Katie) and all of the awesome participants at the campfire meeting.

Our annual summer service opportunity, SAW, is June 24-July 1, 2018. I expect a big group to attend this year.  With that said, extra adult help will be needed. Please prayerfully consider giving a day or two to this wonderful program. Adult leaders serve as project leaders for a day, meaning they pick youth up from Subiaco, take them to job sites, work with them on those sites, and then return them to Subiaco at the conclusion of the day. All adults 21 and

How does someone keep track of all of the events of SMYG?  The answer is easy, the best way for high school youth to stay up to speed on SMYG activities is by signing up to REMIND.  We use REMIND to send out weekly notifications of all things SMYG.  To sign up to REMIND simply text @57d6b to the number 81010

2017 – 2018 SMYG Remaining Schedule:
SAW XXI:          June 24-July 1, 2018

Pictures: Couch picture 05/02/2018 – our annual campfire meeting and also couch picture 05/09/2018


SMYG 2017

Some steps to stay connected to SMYG:

√ Sign up to Remind to receive text messages on SMYG activities for the week. You can sign up by texting @57d6b to 81010.   If 81010 does not work, you can text @57d6b to (620) 412-4053. This is a great way for YOUTH to stay connected to all of SMYG’s happenings.

√ Sign-up to the weekly SMYG e-mail by e-mailing Chris Kozlowski . Please use SMYG e-mail sign-up in the subject line. Weekly e-mails include the Gospel reading for the week, a reflection (usually taken from a 3rd party source such as the lectionary workbook), an inspirational quote for the week, and a (corny) joke of the week. Additionally, the e-mail will include attachments for permission slips, information on events, etc. The e-mail is a great way for PARENTS and youth to stay connected to all of SMYG’s happenings.

√ Read the bulletin article every week. The bulletin articles explain what transpired at past SMYG meetings, it also explains upcoming opportunities.

√ Text me (Chris Kozlowski) on my cell phone (248) 821-8686 with any questions about our program and the opportunities that are available.

√ E-mail Chris Kozlowski  with any questions about our program and the opportunities that are available for youth.

√ Attend YPT meetings, usually 1 hour prior to SMYG meetings on Wednesday nights. All are welcome to attend these meetings, YPT stands for Youth Planning Team, and this group helps provide direction for events and meeting topics.

I look forward to meeting you and joining you on your faith journey. Attend SMYG and I promise that your faith life will change for the better. ~Chris