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SMYG (St. Mary’s Youth Group)
Youth Director
Chris Kozlowski 
Phone:  (248) 821-8686


How should Catholics vote? I receive this question all the time, and my answer is typically the same…with an informed conscience. In my role as Youth Minister, I try to speak to the proper process when deciding how to vote, not the candidate. In September, the Michigan Catholic Conference distributed a beautiful document on voting. SMYG used this  document (Focus, Vol 48, no 3, September 2020) as the backdrop of our discussion. After breaking open each of the issues by providing a summary and tying each to a Saint of the Church, we held robust discussions. We closed with how Catholics are called to properly form their conscience. Here are the steps as presented in the document:

  • Study Scripture, Catholic Social Teaching, and the lives of the saints.
  • Pray for the gifts of the Holy Spirit—counsel, fear of the Lord, fortitude, knowledge, piety, understanding, and wisdom—to help guide the decision-making process.
  • Regularly partake in an examination of conscience to hear God’s voice.
  • Seek advice about conscience formation from trusted leaders when needed.
  • Examine the facts and background information about a given choice.

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2019-2020 SMYG upcoming schedule
October 28, 2020         On-site SMYG meeting 7-9 PM
November 4, 2020       7-8 PM MSP (Zoom)  8-9 PM  SMYG (Zoom)
November 11, 2020     On-site SMYG meeting 7-9 PM
November 18, 2020     7-8 PM MSP (Zoom)     8-9 PM  SMYG (Zoom)
November 25, 2020     On-site SMYG meeting 7-9 PM
December 2, 2020       On-site SMYG meeting 7-9 PM
December 9, 2020        7-8 PM MSP (Zoom)     8-9 PM  SMYG (Zoom)
December 16, 2020      On-site SMYG meeting 7-9 PM
December 23, 2020       No meeting
December 30, 2020       No meeting

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SMYG Meeting October 14, 2020
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