SMYG (High School Youth Group)

SMYG (St. Mary’s Youth Group)
Youth Director
Chris Kozlowski 
Phone:  (248) 821-8686

MPS Zoom 01/06/2021

SMYG and MSP had our first meetings of the year on January 6, 2021, and let me tell you it was great to together again (even if it was only virtually). Our topic for the night was an important one, we discussed the Paschal Mystery and related this incredible part of our faith to our own lives. I’ve shared a fun picture of our opening ice breaker above, but the entire night was fun and meaningful.

SMYG met after the MSP session and we focused our energy on the Baptism of the Lord. We discussed people that we have helped on their faith journey and who has helped us.  We closed our meeting discussing the final line from the Gospel  “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.” I shared that in my own life, I aspire to hear this some day, but I know like most people I have a long way to go on this journey. With that said, I think it is healthy to think about it and focuses our energy on that future moment. My favorite contemporary Christian song (and quite possibly my favorite song period) is “I Can Only Imagine.”  In this song, Mercy Me paints a picture of what the future (in heaven) looks like and it always hits my heart, as this song reminds us we have no idea what heaven will be like, but as the title says “I Can Only Imagine.”

Joe Melendrez will be back with MSP and SMYG this year!  As you may recall, Joe Melendrez, the keynote speaker from last year’s CYO Rainbow Conference, joined us at a SMYG meeting earlier this year. We are excited to say, Joe is going to join us again at our January 20th MSP session and at both our Confirmation retreats. We are so excited to have him join us at St. Mary’s to enhance our youth ministry programs.

A Winter Retreat is scheduled for February 5-7, 2021. As long as we are allowed to gather, the Winter Retreat is a go.  Health screening and temperature checks will be part of the experience to help ensure safety. Retreat will still cost $75, but it will not be at Subiaco.

The best way to stay connected to all things SMYG is by signing up to our SMYG REMIND. To join the SMYG 20-21 REMIND, please text @smygrocks to 81010. All of this year’s 9-12th graders should sign up to REMIND. SMYG news is usually sent out on Monday/Tuesday and Zoom links will be sent out right before the SMYG meeting (if we are meeting remotely). Also, permission forms, special event information, etc. is all sent through REMIND.

REMIND Instructions

2020-2021 SMYG upcoming schedule
January 20, 2021          MSP 7-8 PM (via Zoom)
SMYG 8-9 (via Zoom)

January 27, 2021           SMYG meeting

February 3, 2021           SMYG meeting
MSP 7-8 PM (via Zoom)

February 5-7, 2021       Winter retreat  (NEW)

February 10, 2021        SMYG meeting

SMYG Zoom 01/06/2021
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