Getting Married in the Church

The Church invites you to devote at least six months, and preferably a year, to prepare for your marriage and focus on your relationship. Contact St. Mary of the Hills Parish Office (248-853-5390) to schedule a meeting with the deacon as soon as you become engaged. At this meeting you will:

  1. Set the wedding date
  2. Complete the church pre-nuptial forms (A-Form)
  3. A booklet “Together for Life” is used for planning the Liturgy (there is a Special Edition for Marriage Outside Mass)
  4. A booklet “St. Mary of the Hills Wedding Guidelines” has specific St. Mary’s information to assist you in your wedding planning


You will be required to:
  1. Acquire Baptismal certificates (dated within six months of marriage)
  2. Complete a Pre-Marriage Assessment (St. Mary’s uses “Prepare/Enrich” online) and discuss the results of the Inventory with a Mentor Couple (usually six sessions)
  3. Attend a Marriage Preparation Course – A number of Marriage Preparation Programs are offered in various formats throughout the Archdiocese of Detroit which can be accessed at, (A-Z Index at top, go to ‘M’ for Marriage Support/Ministry, then Marriage Preparation at right.)
  4. Consult with the parish music minister
  5. Obtain marriage license
  6. Schedule rehearsal for ceremony
  7. Meet with the pastor within a couple weeks of your Sacrament of Marriage

The Archdiocesan website has a vast resource of information and links regarding Marriage.