There are many different ways to share your blessings with St. Mary of the Hills:

  1. Enroll in our Automated Giving Program
  2. Place your monetary donation in the offertory basket during mass
  3. Mail your monetary donation directly to the church: 2675 John R Road, Rochester Hills, MI 48307
  4. Donate time as a Volunteer
  5. Use for your web searching. Goodsearch will send St. Mary’s  a check based on search usage totals. Type in St. Mary of the Hills and Search; the system will find our church!
  6. Sign-up for the Kroger Community Rewards to help St. Vincent de Paul - St. Mary of the Hills. Our non-profit number is 90170.
  7. The GFS Fun Funds Program is an easy way to help our church if you normally shop at GFS.  St. Mary’s can earn as much as 10% back on qualified purchases.  Also, as a member, you will receive coupons and specials in the mail.  The program is free to join.  To sign up, just go to GFS  and fill in your name and address as well as St. Mary’s customer ID which is 002432548.
  8. Have you checked to see if your employer offers matching contributions for you as an employee?  St. Mary’s currently receives thousands of dollars each year from corporate matching programs. Many corporations offer dollar for dollar contributions to show their support for their employee’s passion. Please take 5 minutes and contact your Human Resources Department to see if your company offers this benefit or type in your employer name at: Match Finder.

For questions, please contact our parish office (248) 853-5390 or E-Mail