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For more information or to volunteer for any of these ministries, please complete a Commitment Form and return it to the Parish Office.

Evangelization Committee Member: Members work with the St. Mary’s commissions and parish leadership to INVITE ALL PEOPLE to know Jesus and share in the fullness of the Catholic faith, to CALL THE FAITHFUL to ongoing conversion and enthusiasm, and to FOSTER GOSPEL VALUES in our society.

Religious Freedom: Under the auspices of the USCCB, the Religious Freedom Committee is an ad hoc committee formed in response to the modern threats against free expression and practice of religion in our communities. Members work to defend and promote religious freedom by raising awareness and highlighting the moral and ethical dimensions of current issues, and by encouraging the laity to speak out, evangelize, and exercise their right to vote.We help parishioners stay current on the issues through special events and a regularly maintained facebook page under the title: St. Mary of the Hills Religious Freedom.

Vocations Awareness: Help to increase awareness in the parish of the need for ordained ministers in the Catholic Church.


These books are available on the cart outside of the Parish Office. You may borrow these books to read – please return in three weeks.

Book Title   (# of Copies)
The Autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux   (1)

The Imitation of Christ  (1)

The Love of Jesus and the Love of Neighbor  (1)

The Devil’s Advocate (1)

The Long Loneliness (1)

Dante to Dead Man Walking (1)

10 Great Dates to Grow Together Spiritually  (3)

Pope John Paul II In My Own Words (1)

The Life of Mary As Seen By the Mystics (1)

The Holy Longing The Search for a Christian Spirituality  (1)

Rediscover Catholicism (6)

Made For More  (6)

Jesus Shock   (6)

The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic  (6)

Everybody Needs to Forgive Somebody (6)

Ordinary Lives Extraordinary Mission (6)

Mission of the Family  (6)

Nine Words (6)

Finding True Happiness  (6)

Walking with Purpose   (6)

The Real Story   (6)

Nothing is Impossible with God  (6)

Life Greatest Lesson  (6)

Confessions of a Mega Church Pastor  (6)

The One Thing (6)

A Father Who Keeps His Promise (6)

Every Man’s Journey (6)

In His Spirit  (6)

Did Adam & Eve Have Belly Buttons?  (6)

Holiness Revolution  (6)

How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul  (6)

Lord, Have Mercy: The Healing Power of Confession (2)

Lord Have Mercy  (DVD Set of 4 Discs)  (1)

Handbook for Today’s Catholic (1)

Compendium: Catechism of the Catholic Church (1)